Energy from the Sun and the Universal Basic Income

Solar Energy is a resource that provides enough energy every hour to provide all our energy needs for a year.

SolarMethod is not talking about a future of free energy.

SolarMethod is about generating a growing, universal income as we monetize the sun’s energy. Possible because monetizing the sun’s energy expands the economy.

We pay for energy. The universal basic income comes from the economic growth, which is a function of  energy use.

Tax credits and monetary growth.

Linking tax credits and monetary growth creates the basis for self-funding tax credits.  Tax credits are not a zero sum calculation. That would be unsustainable. The tax savings resulting from tax credits are monetized by SolarMethod and donated to a 501(c)3.

The 501(c)3 acquires shares in a publicly traded company, such as an equity REIT and conveys those shares to working households. REITs generate dividend income for shareholders. Equity REITs leverage assets, thus expanding the money supply. As the money supply expands, tax revenue grows. Federal taxes currently net 18.1% of GDP. Due to the velocity of money, currently 5.71, a $1.00 increase in the money supply results in tax revenue of $1.03.

An equity REIT with leverage of 50% will generate $1.03 in tax revenue for every dollar in tax credits issued.

An equity REIT which has a debt equity ratio of 33.4% will generate $2.06 in tax revenue for every dollar in tax credits issued.

And so we fund a universal basic income which grows as the economy expands.


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