I am Embarrassed to Say This … Because Fixing Capitalism is this Simple

We will make energy from the sun into a capital asset for everyone.

That’s it.

And that will fix more than just capitalism.

We will cure, in the same motion, political injustice in the realm.

The realm of inequality of opportunity. The realm of want. The realm of fear.  The realm of oppression.

We  can spin this blue orb and transform the cold night into the  light and warmth of a new and brilliant day.

How? Like this.

Solaereum bonds will be used to purchase the shares of public companies. The bond holders will be …. you.

And you.  And you, too.

The value of your capital assets will grow as we transition to clean energy.

To be honest, Solaereum bonds do not fix capitalism. Solaereum bonds are a continuation of the evolution of economics through the reinvention of the context of capitalism.