Capitalism: Approaching its Own Singularity

As  wealth concentrates, capitalist economies  approach singularity.

Singularity get closes as R > G continues to be an economic reality.

R > G is driven by the network effect.

The network effect drives wealth concentration.

A national economy approaches singularity when the network effect creates an event horizon … from which money cannot escape.

Singularity is reached by a nation’s economy when wealth concentration causes malperformance of an economy.

Backing away from the event horizon and establishing an economy

in which taxpayers are equity stakeholders, is achieved by making

the energy from the sun into an income for everyone.

This is the mission of Solaereum.


This is how we end the network effect.

This is how capitalism evolves.

This is how capitalism works for everyone.

Resources are capital.  Capital is a necessary component of freedom.

Solaereum provides a capital resource to all taxpayers.

Eliminating external diseconomy created by tax breaks.

This is the mission of Solaereum.