we march to the dictum of our logic until it breaks down

our economic model breaks down when we reach the extremes of its logic.

but as a function of programming, we will proceed.  we will proceed. we will proceed.

I’m a landlord who raised your rents. your my tenant. i’m taking the square root of you. meanst while, I’m adding an exponent of a higher power after my name.

the logic pursued by  the strange attractor concentrates wealth,  approaching a singularity.   a singularity is the collapse of matter into a density of such intensity that it is described as a black hole.

nothing escapes a black hole. not light. not hope. not love. not laughter. it consumes all. it consumes truth, it consumes lies. it consumes life.



often  the logical conclusion can be found at the base of a cliff. or do we create a new paradigm?


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