How Long Can We Keep This Up?

One slip up. Loss of employment. Health failure. Then I deplete my savings? Did I have savings?

Social safety net. What happens when it can’t keep this up?

What happens to the economy when assets are concentrated into a narrow base?

This is history. Assets have always been concentrated. We have deviated from this pattern. We are reverting back.

equity sharing for small business and employees

my uncle, joe cirocco, could make a to die for italian sausage sub. He ran an italian deli which included four short grocery ailses and a meat locker. You could get fresh deli meats. He leased space for almost 40 yrs. 40 yrs of rent receipts.  he sold his business when he was in his seventies. his business consisted of his customer base. he didn’t get much for it.

that’s our system. he could have bought a building and leased it out to someone else. but he never got the capital together to do so.  maybe because he was too busy paying rent.

in our system asset accumulation is like gravity. this system impoverishes itself at its logical extreme.

We can broaden he basis of equity stakeholders.  ROI is equivalent to any comparable fund. Long term yields are higher as the economy enjoys a virtuous cycle stimulated and produced from a broadening base of equity shareholders.   A new model of investment for equity capital.

in this model the business paying rent to a Super REIT will have equity participation. Equity will flow to the business owner and the employees.

Here’s how:


Same structure of LLC share distribution (see below) in which an LLC  owns pieces of entities such that a tax credit can be generated thru a 501c and distributed to the business owner and employees IRA or 401k.

Income from shs goes into owners & employees 401k / IRA accts: shared proportionately.

Tenant (business owner), who is paying the rent could get all of the shs.

Or /  Also: A formula could be used to calc employee contribution to revenue.


Reit shs provides income to the business to pay rent.

Once employee leaves the shs leave with him.


REIT gives interest deduc to 501c.

The 501c buys shs and gives them to the tenant.

 REIT can own property with the 501c.

Give the 501c the interest deduction.

The REIT gets a charitable deduction.

This works if:

If charitable deduction =  interest deduction tax credit.

501c sells interest deduction tax credit to buy shs in the REIT for the tenants, equal to the interest deduction they should receive.


Altemative structure:

All own shares of an LLC which owns a property.

Reit’s property / 501c / tenant / own shares of spe which owns property.

Reit can add a property that needs a tax credit (interest or depreciation deduction)


in the evolution of capitalism


overcoming economic entropy

pinketty’s equation states that income from capital is growing faster than income from work.

that means the rich are getting richre and the poor are getting poorer.

that’s economic entropy.  taken to its logical extreme, the por will become so poor that they can’t buy the stuff the rich are selling.

the rich will become poorer. they will own more of a shrinking pie. Henry Ford. A little smarter than that.


we march to the dictum of our logic until it breaks down

our economic model breaks down when we reach the extremes of its logic.

but as a function of programming, we will proceed.  we will proceed. we will proceed.

I’m a landlord who raised your rents. your my tenant. i’m taking the square root of you. meanst while, I’m adding an exponent of a higher power after my name.

the logic pursued by  the strange attractor concentrates wealth,  approaching a singularity.   a singularity is the collapse of matter into a density of such intensity that it is described as a black hole.

nothing escapes a black hole. not light. not hope. not love. not laughter. it consumes all. it consumes truth, it consumes lies. it consumes life.



often  the logical conclusion can be found at the base of a cliff. or do we create a new paradigm?