The Energy Standard Peg Using the Block Chain


Dollar pegs create debt servicing issues when the dollar appreciates.


Create a standard of value for the dollar. Not gold.

The standard of value: Energy Use Productivity.

The Energy Standard.

Energy use x energy efficiency = the standard of value

Energy efficiency is  specific to national economies.

National Currencies on the energy standard and the decline of carbon emissions

If national currencies were placed on the energy standard, economic benefits would accrue from the reversal of carbon emissions.

The energy standard is as follows:  the increase in energy use multipled by the reciprocal  coefficient of the change in energy efficiency = the growth rate of the money supply. 

Then our economy will function more like a biologic system. 

Not to mention currency stabilization amongst all participating nations. 

currencies on the energy standard and the end of global warmin

how could putting currencies on the energy standard do that?

the energy standard gives national economies that are energy efficient an advantage.

there are many other benefits because the energy standard makes our economy function more like biological beings.

and what’s the energy standard?

a standard of value for currencies.

how does it work?

increase in money supply is a function of the increase in energy use, adjusted for increases in efficiency.

now a unit of value has a standard a value.

an increase in production of money,  is a function of energy use



the circularity problem

empathy. it forms the synaptic connection.

people who have money, do not understand the circumstance of people who do not have money.

the people who are most able to do something about the structure of the system are the people who have money.

the dollar on the energy standard

Here’s how the dollar on the Energy Standard works:
Energy use multiplied by the inverse in the increase in energy efficiency. That’s how we calculate increases in the money supply.
The FED has their own methodology. We map the FEDs moves to the Energy Standard.

Here’s why:
Energy use tracks growth. Of course we need to adjust for increases in efficiency.

Energy efficiency gains are like productivity gains.
Energy efficiency gains improve relative currency valuations, which make the purchase of energy less expensive as purchasing power has increased. So, the most efficient economies have the lowest imported energy cost.

The same is true of any commodity which we would choose to use as standard of value for a currency. If the dollar was on the fresh water standard we would have a similar effect.